on culture,
identity &
the power of

CJS brings people together through a series of monthly networking events to celebrate different perspectives within the creative industries. We are filling the void for Europe's minority creative voices and believe that engaging different perspectives is fundamental to moving the creative industries forward.

01 learn

Change begins with education, everyone needs to understand that diversity and inclusion encompasses providing equal opportunities to all.

02 create

We are creating an inclusive culture and environment for people to thrive in and where they feel comfortable being themselves.

03 connect

A super-connected and diverse community is the future of the creative industry. If you diversify your team you'll be able to connect with a broader audience.

04 jam

A save space to jam and elevate new perspectives. We come together with courage and connection to make our voices heard.

Join us for the next event in an intimate and laid back vibe.

2-8 pm
soho house